Sony Full HD PMW-EX3專業攝數位攝影機 


專業級高畫質數位攝影機可真不少一台接著一台推出,Sony也來插一腳,於拉斯維加斯發表這款高階機型PMW-EX3。可更換鏡頭、0.5吋 CCD X3、Full HD(1920 x 1080)解析度,支援原生24p,XDCAM HD EX格式視訊,HD-SDI輸出,USB/4pin火線介面,雙SxS卡,也可犧牲一個SxS插槽接上60GB硬碟。專業的機型就要有專業的價格,13,000 美元(約合新台幣40萬元)可不是普通小民能承受的。

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Sony Snapshots - NAB 2008 Day 0

Some highlights of what Sony is showing


PMW-EX3 with 2/3” cine lens, Sony HDD recorder

Sony’s Juan Martinez gave me a night-before-the-show tour of the Sony booth (really a miniature city; “booth” doesn’t do it justice), and here are some of the highlights from a camera operator’s perspective.


The EX3 will be to the EX1 what the HDV S270 is to the Z7: a higher-end variant using the same basic imager and architecture.

  • 3 half-inch CMOS chips with true 1920x1080 resolution; XDCAM HD EX recording on dual SxS cards.
  • “Chainsaw" form factor, similar to Canon’s removable-lens DV and HDV camcorders.
  • Interchangeable lenses (the camera comes with a removable version of the EX1’s Fujinon 14x, using a new “wide mouth” mount. Into the wide mouth mount you can fit 1/2” or 2/3” mount adapters, complete with hot-shoe lens connectors, as well as EX3 wide mouth mount lenses. The wide mouth allows fitting 1/2” and 2/3” adapters with no change in flange depth; it’s really a “mount for lens adapters” as much as it’s a “mount for lenses").
  • TC in, TC out, Genlock, Remote-panel port, HD-SDI, dedicated composite (BNC) and Y/C (S-video) ports, along with the usual USB and 4-pin i.LINK and mini-D-shell component ports.
  • Some of the prototypes are showing a vertical “head brace” that works with the shoulder brace to register the camera against your body. The combo makes for a much nicer handholding experience than the EX1 offers. The head brace may or may not make it into production.
  • Gorgeous EVF. The EX1’s LCD has been encapsulated in an articulated EVF housing (it adjusts side to side, up and down, and back to front) with a flip-up eyepiece. Magnification is excellent—you’re not peering at a tiny image, but watching a BIG screen, which makes focusing easier and more certain.
  • Optional 60GB disk recorder that plugs in via an SxS slot. Remember the Specialized Communications that plugged into a P2 slot? Same idea.
  • Same 1920x1080 1/2” Exmor CMOS imagers.
  • Price: “Under $13,000” with stock 14x lens.
  • Shipping: later this year.


PMW-EX3 with standard 14x lens


Note the “head brace” sticking out the back, and the extendable shoulder pad


close-up of left-side controls; there’s a “frame” dial to set frame rate (no in-shot ramping, though; gotta save something for the F23 and F35!)


The front of the EVF has a real, honest-to-goodness variable peaking control


One of the remote panels that the EX3 works with


The HDD unit with SxS “connector” on a thin cable


Another view of an EX3 with a 2/3” cine lens

Next: there was more than just the EX3 on display...