Sony 一口氣推出多台數位攝影機 



HDR-SR11                                                                                               HDR-SR10
We've no idea if Sony is refreshing its entire camcorder lineup or whether it just enjoys confusing the consumer, but whatever the case, the firm is unveiling a plethora of 'em today at CES. Most notably, the HDR-SR12 (pictured), HDR-SR11 and HDR-SR10 HDD-based camcorders along with the HDR-UX20 and HDR-UX10 DVD models all record at 1,920 x 1,080, but things get a lot less exciting from here. If you're ready for it, click on through.

Usually, we'd wonder why Sony left us to wonder about most of the specs, but when you're introducing this many products, we support you've little choice but to leave some things to the imagination. Nevertheless, also rolled out today was the 120GB SR12, 60GB SR11 and 40GB SR10 models, the UX10 / UX20 hybrid (media card / DVD+R) camcorders and the HDR-HC9, which is based on the HDV format, features Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T optics and a 3.2-megapixel ClearVid CMOS sensor. Continuing on, we've got the DCR-DVD910, DCR-DVD810 and DCR-DVD710 DVD models, and if those aren't your style (and you haven't bolted in a fit of frustration), you may find something to love about the DVD610, DVD710 or the DVD790. The last hooray comes from a pair of MiniDV Handycam models -- the DCR-HC62 and the DCR-HC52 -- which are slated to land next month for $300 and $250, respectively. For the full rundown, kick back for awhile and peruse the trio of read links below.

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主要的發表是 HDR-SR12(上圖)、HDR-SR11 和 HDR-SR10 硬碟攝影機,和 HDR-UX20、HDR-UX10 DVD 攝影機,一共五台支援 Full HD (1920x1080)的機型,但接下來就是一路下坡了...

一共是 16 台全新的攝影機等著你去探索...

  • 120GB 的 SR12、60GB 的 SR11 和 40GB 的 SR10,三台都是 HDD 攝影機。
  • UX10 / UX20 「DVD+記憶卡」複合式攝影機。
  • HDR-HC9 -- 3.2mp CMOS、HDV 錄影格式
  • DVD910、DVD810、DVD710、DVD610 四台 DVD 錄影機,其中 DVD 810 可以錄到 DVD、內建記憶體或 MS 上,另外三台則沒有內建記憶體。


DVD910                                                                             DVD810    


  • MiniDV 攝影機有 HC62 和 HC52,主要的差別是 HC62 是 25x 變焦、1mp 的 CCD,而 HC52 則是 40x 變焦、680kp CCD


HC62                                                                                                 HC52

  • SR45、SR65、SR85、SR220 四台硬碟攝影機,其中 SR220 和 SR85 是 60GB、SR65 是 40GB、SR45 則是 30GB。


SR65                                                                                                  SR85